APC Ministries

At All Peoples Church we believe that every believer is a minister! Our desire is to raise up churches that are 100% functioning. These will be churches where every believer discovers their place and function in the Body and is equipped and released to fulfill their God-appointed call.

There are several ministries at All Peoples Church, Bangalore. You are welcome to get involved where ever the Lord leads you. New ministries are continuously being birthed through various members.

Expectations of Ministry Leaders


If you believe you are called to lead a certain ministry, then do it with all you've got. You are required to attend all Leaders Meetings regularly. Remember, you are not doing God a favor!

As a church we do not tolerate mediocrity or slip-shod work! We believe in giving God the best. Give God quality!

We believe in team work. All Ministry Leaders must build their team. Share the vision and get others involved. Train others. Raise up leaders. Don't do it all yourself. Create room for others to get involved. Pass on the baton when it is time for you to move on.

God is a creative God. When you are in touch with His heart, you will always discover new and fresh ways to minister. Discover new and creative ways to touch lives. Don't be boring and routine!