Prayer is the life-breath of the local church and is the key to all that we do. It is essentially our dependence on Him and our opportunity to shape history and the destiny of our city, nation and nations. While we encourage people at APC to gather together informally and spontaneously for prayer anywhere, anytime, we also set aside dedicated times for prayer.

Sunday Pre-service Prayer
At all our locations, the first 30 minutes before service, is set aside for corporate prayer and we encourage everyone to participate.

Secret Place (10pm-6am)
The Secret Place is 8 hours of extended prayer and worship that happens on a Friday evening through Saturday morning.

Friday March 03, 2017 | Friday September 01, 2017

Five Days of Prayer (10am-4pm, Mon-Fri, twice every year)
Twice a year we set aside an entire week to seek the Lord in prayer and worship.

May 01-05, 2017 (Monday-Friday) | November 27-Dec 01, 2017 (Monday-Friday)

21 Days of Prayer
We dedicate 21 days to pray toward a specific prayer thrust (prayer focus).
This year we will pray through the book of Acts.
July 2-23, 2017

For venue, please follow Sunday announcements or church website.