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  • This Week's Message

    We continue in our series on Marriage and Family. In Part-2 we discuss practical guidance on making the choice of your life-partner, and understanding the role of husband and wife. We also answer questions such as "is there an appointed one and only?", and "am I called to singleness?".

  • This Week's Message

    There are principles that transcend time, place, people and culture. They hold true regardless of the variants of when, where, what and why. The Bible presents to us such timeless principles relevant to the workplace. This series addresses upon several workplace related topics that are relevant, to give a deeper understanding of the underlying principles that guide our professional lives. Principles that we can use at all times and in all situations. Individuals and organisations are transformed as its people assimilate and apply these "Timeless Principles". Stay tuned for Part 5 of this series

Holy Spirit Baptism
All APC Locations
Sun Sep 6th

Marriage & Family (Part 3)
All APC Bangalore Locations
Sun Sep 6th

Experience Change Youth Concert
St. Aloysius College, Loyola Hall, Light House, Hill Road, Kodailbail, Mangalore - 575003
Sat Sep 12th - @5:30pm -

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