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  • This Week's Message

    Principles relating to the workplace given in God's Word during Bible times, are still relevant and applicable to the workplace of today. These are 'Timeless principles'. In Part-2 of this series we consider 'Workplace Attitudes' and 'Corporate Vision, Mission, Values and Culture'. Use the accompanying book 'Timeless Principles for the Workplace' as you listen to this series.

  • This Week's Message

    God is restoring the prophetic ministry in the Church today. From believers learning how to flow in the gift of prophecy to men and women being raised up as ministry gift prophets, there is a revival of prophetic ministry in the Body of Christ. The Prophetic is often expressed through the spoken word, a song, a dance or even a work of art. God is raising up prophetic believers who will affect the marketplace through practical ideas and strategies. This series is designed to equip believers, stir up the prophetic in them and enable them to develop a strong prophetic ministry in whatever vocation they may be. Equip yourself in Understanding the Prophetic move of God. Stay tuned for part 6 of this series.

PITSTOP (Youth Service)
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Sat Jul 4th - @5:30pm -

Holy Spirit Baptism
All APC Locations
Sun Jul 5th

Timeless Principles for the Workplace (Part 3)
All APC Bangalore Locations
Sun Jul 5th

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