2018 Year In Review







































During 2018 we had about 1007 First Time Visitors attend our English services. We saw about 39 people make first time decisions to follow Jesus during our English services (based on decision cards). However, there was a very negligible increase in average church attendance at our English services in 2018 (860 average attendance) over 2017 (843 average). [Addendum: on Sunday December 16, we had at least 28 people make first time decisions. We also had a batch of 70 college students start attending APC North with many making first time decisions].

The English congregation saw 31 water baptisms (67 baptisms in 2017) and welcomed 52 individuals as new members (40 new members in 2017).

The English congregation has 22 Life Groups (29 Life Groups in 2017) with an average attendance of 143 people at Life Groups (17% of congregation) in total.

We had 4 new people join us as full-time staff this year: Marshall Samuel joined us as head of publications in April; Manohar Raj joined us a Bible College principal and administrator in May; Roshan Jonas joined us as Associate Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor in October and Natalie Franklin joined as video editor in December.

As of December 2018 APC has 21 people as full time paid staff and 7 people as paid consultants. In 2018 we had 4 people serve as paid interns at APC. Across all APC Bangalore locations we had about 275 people serve as volunteers during 2018.

The Secret Place was held in February, June, and September and the five days of prayer in June and December. Worship nights that were times of just worship were held once a month, 7pm-9pm.

Children's Church has been growing in strength. Our goal here is to impart and train our children in the Word and the Spirit, as well as provide them with Life Skills. Once children graduate out of Children's church we want them to be ready to minister and serve the Lord powerfully. This year, topics that were covered in children's church included Doctrine of God, Biblical Covenants, Biblical Doctrines, Old Testament and New Testament. In Teen Talk which are special sessions for Teens, on Sundays, we covered several important topics. For 7th and 8th graders: Self Esteem, Peer Pressure, Body Image, Dealing with Anger. For 9th and 10th graders : Goal Setting, Values and Choices; How to say 'No'; Relationship with Parents. This year we had 57 volunteers serve as Children's Church Ministers through 2018 across all our 5 locations.

APC's annual Kid's Conference is a great time for high energy impact on the lives of little children during the summer holidays. This year's Kid's Conference was on the theme "Kingdom Generation", and had 75 kids in attendance. We had 20 volunteers serving the children. APC spent ₹1,39,778/- towards this year's Kid's Conference.

Serving our youth is exciting and in 2018 we saw God touching many young lives! While our core focus was to raise up a generation who are passionate for the Lord, full of the Word and the Spirit, faith and power, ready to impact and influence their world for Jesus Christ, this year we also specifically focused on strengthening the team at each location and building up our young people to make outreach/sharing the gospel a lifestyle. Topics covered during our monthly youth meetings were Identity, Power Struggle, Grounded, Faith and Reason, Managing your sexuality, Biblical response to current affairs, Music & Movies - where do draw the line? Being a friend indeed, Prayer. We had four PITSTOPS this year and covered topics such as Game-ON, Qrious, and Social Media - impact and ways to use Social media effectively.

This year the theme for the youth camp was "The Army of God" in the context of missions, winning souls and advancing the Kingdom. We had 3 guest speakers who led the sessions and also organized the activities. There were about 120 young people including a few young people from outside Bangalore. We had three days of powerful sessions in the Word of God and impactful testimonies that taught us how we can be witnesses for Christ and share the Gospel in simple ways at our workplaces, schools and colleges. APC spent ₹2,10,556/- for Youth Camp 2018.

Weekend Schools and Workshops provide an additional avenue to equip people those from APC as well as from other congregations. We ran our weekend schools on Inner Wholeness twice, Prayer & Intercession once, Gifts of the Spirit once, Lifestyle Evangelism once, Ministering Healing and Deliverance twice and Prophetic Ministry once. Overall we had about 200 people being trained through the Weekend Schools with several of them attending more than one weekend school. We also held workshops on Personal Financial Planning twice (trained about 43 people), as well as a workshop for youth on Preparing for Marriage & Special counseling workshop on Depression and Suicide.

Christian Leaders Conference
The 3-day Bangalore Christian Leaders Conference "Activating the Gifts of the Spirit" was attended by around 100 people, including pastors, Christian leaders, Bible College students etc The total expense was ₹ 2,60,043/-

Women's Conference
In 2018, the Women's conference "Awake Deborah" had a good participation of 240 women from all our locations and a few from other churches in Bangalore. The total expense was ₹ 1,37,942/-

Men's Conference
In 2018, the Men's conference “One Desire” had about 80 men in attendance mostly from APC locations and a few from other churches. The total expense was ₹1,46,655/-

Marriage & Family Conference
In 2018, the Marriage & Family conference had about 50 couples in attendance from APC, one couple from another church. The total expense was ₹1,33,019/-

Christian Professionals Conference
In 2018, The Christian Professionals conference was on IMPACT - bringing Kingdom Influence to impact your workplace. We had a good response with about 200 professionals participating. The total expense was ₹2,84,385/-

The Build To Impact project for the establishing of APC's WORLD OUTREACH AND EQUIPPING CENTER, commenced in July 2018. This facility will include a Bible college, a media center, a sanctuary, children and youth centre and a 24X7 prayer center. For our phase-1 target of 20 Crores for procuring the land, we have received Rs. 7.7 Crores in contributions, Rs. 86 lacs has been pledged, and Rs. 11.4 Crores is still required. For updates please visit: apcwo.org/buildtoimpact

Our publications are a major way for us to sow and invest into the lives of people not only within APC, but across our nation in many languages. Approximately 1,15,800 copies of APC books were printed in 2018. This year we printed 3 new English titles; 1 title translated and printed in Bengali; 1 title translated and printed in Kannada, and 3 titles translated and printed in Marathi. In addition several titles have been translated into Kannada, Hindi and other languages and are in queue for printing in 2019. Our total expense, in our publications ministry in 2018 was ₹38,80,788/- (₹17,03,989 in 2017) which includes cost of printing/reprinting our books in English and other languages, translation, packing and distribution costs. There is an increasing demand for APC's publications, in India as well as from churches in several other countries.

Aside from the print version our publications are available online and on our App.Total PDF of APC publications downloaded in 2018, language wise:

  • English (49 titles): 23,837
  • Hindi (39 titles): 5,944
  • Kannada (21 titles): 1,683
  • Telugu(7 titles): 775
  • Malayalam (12 titles): 925
  • Marathi (2 titles): 217
  • Nepali (1 title): 124
  • Odiya (1 title): 61
  • Bengali (1 title): 26


APC's English program "LivingStrong!" is telecast on GodTV (Asia) every Monday evening at 9pm. In 2018 we spent a total of ₹ 24,47,431/- (₹ 27,90,736/-/- in 2017) for production and telecast of our "LivingStrong!" programs. "LivingStrong!" is also carried on RakshanaTV covering the state of Andhra Pradesh. This is fully sponsored at no expense to APC.


Websites (apcwo.org, chrysalislife.org, apcmusic.org)
In July 2018, we launched apcwo.org with a new look. Resources made available through our church website are actively used by increasing number of people from about 150 different countries. We had also launched our new website for our music album apcmusic.org in November which has seen over 1000 downloads since launch.

Live Streaming
This year we extended our Live Stream by simulcasting on YouTube and Facebook, apart from our website and live stream platform with about 40 regular viewers from India and abroad. Testimonies of the stream being a channel of blessing are encouraging.

Social Media
Vimeo - explicit views from 114 countries (150 countries, impressions recorded). YouTube - with around 800+ new subscribers this year, we now have around 1800 subscribers on YouTube. Instagram (1,300 followers) and Facebook (4,900 followers)

Church App
We had about 1300+ app downloads this year, and a total of about 5,600 downloads since our launch in July 2017. This year we had 2,820 users of our Church App from about 70 different countries, of whom about 770 are regular users. The daily devotional videos were accessed about 40,000 times this year, and has been a tremendous blessing based on feedback we receive. We also regularly receive prayer requests through the Church App. These requests are faithfully prayed for.

This year we were able to launch our very first APC music album "UNTIRING LOVE", a set of 6 songs based on the Psalms that our own worship team wrote, composed and produced. The total expense for this album production was ₹ 6,81,534/-

Chrysalis Counseling is a way to bring strength, support and healing into individual lives both in the church and those outside. Over the course of this year, Chrysalis counseling served 21 Individuals, 5 Couples, and 10 families. Chrysalis Counseling was also involved in taking 9 couples through our Marriage Preparation Course in 2018.

Catalyst is an outreach into schools around Bangalore. Through the academic year in 2018 our Catalyst team of 3 people ministered in 3 schools, teaching Scripture and value education to students from grade 4 to grade 10, to a total of approximately 800 students each week. Several of them committed their lives to Christ. We believe these seeds being sown today, will bear much fruit for the Kingdom in the days to come.

Campus Elevates is our outreach into colleges & schools in Bangalore. During 2018 we hosted 24 Campus Elevates on 8 institution campuses, speaking to approximately 1,700 individual students. We covered topics such as are Vision, Success in Life, Discover your gift, Raising your game, True friendships. APC publications/hand-outs were distributed at the Elevates.

We graduated 14 students in 2018. We currently have 39 students, 25 in the first year and 14 in the second year classes. Currently, we have students from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bangalore, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Orissa, Uttarakhand, Congo (Africa), Uganda (Africa). In 2018 our expense toward the operations of Bible College was ₹ 12,50,084/- (₹ 14,18,747 in 2017). We received ₹ 3,78,700/- via contributions and what students pay in terms of tuition and hostel fees. IMPORTANTLY in 2018 APC-Bible College receive accreditation from NATA (Nations Association for Theological Accreditation).

We held our STBC at Varanasi, UP. We had 21 faculty including 3 Pastors from Varanasi, teach 28 subjects. We graduated 45 students who came from several places including: Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Haryana, Manipur, Goa, Bihar and Nagaland. Our expense towards the STBC in Varanasi was ₹ 7,68,451/-.

In 2018 APC teams ministered at Christian Leaders Conferences for pastors and leaders, and FOUNDATIONS for young people, as part of its missions work. Our 2018 missions trips took our teams to Nagpur, Sholapur & Pune (Maharashtra), Chandigarh (Punjab), Bellary, Chittradurga, Hubli & Mysore (Karnataka), Ranchi (Jharkhand), Kolkatta (West Bengal), Ahmadabad & Mehmadabad (Gujarat) and Dubai. We ministered to about 1,350 Christian Leaders and 385 young people through these missions. Our teams also ministered at the EHA unit Madhipura, Bihar. A total of 43 individuals from APC travelled on various missions teams in 2018. Out of these 23 were APC young people, below 30 years of age. Total expense on missions this year was ₹ 10,62,392/- (₹ 10,19,925 in 2017).

Karunalaya is APC's ministry to help underprivileged children. APC currently has 3 girls being taken care as part of Karunalaya covering their education and hostel fees at Goodwill Girls high school, in addition to personal care, nurture and oversight. All our Karunalaya girls attend APC-Central. In 2018 the total expenses were ₹ 2,30,368/- (₹1,41,293/- in 2017) for Karunalaya.

APC has 11 outreach churches in Mangalore, Karnataka (36 people), Kalyan, Maharashtra (160 people), Nashik, Maharashtra (50 people), Berhampur, Orissa (117 people), Baloda Bazar, Chattisgarh (96 people), Kohima, Nagaland (72 people), three churches in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (Shahanshapur - 65, Gaura Kalan - 70 & Benipur - 80 people), Santrampur, Gujarat (15 people) & Banswara, Rajasthan (27 people). APC Supports 12 people as Outreach pastors, and 3 people as itinerant ministers. In 2018 APC spent ₹ 21,29,173/- (₹ 20,15,967 in 2017) in total for support of its outreach churches and its associated travelling ministers.

As a way to serve Pastors and Christian Leaders in Bangalore, we jointly host a monthly inter-denominational Pastors and Christian leaders meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at Chancery Hotel. On an average we had about 40 pastors & Christian leaders attend. The total expenses were ₹ 2,23,197/- (₹ 2,32,027/- in 2017) towards hosting these meetings in 2018 in Bangalore.

All Peoples church contributed a total of ₹ 6,00,000/- to other churches/Ministries in India.

We contributed ₹ 2,11,000/- towards Kerala flood relief, specifically towards rebuilding of homes.